Wednesday, 29 May 2013


So not written much recently, but we're just back from 5 days at Dog Vegas and have had a great few days. On Friday Jo was judging and I was down to scrime all day for her, and when you are committed to working all day it does take your edge off a bit, although I was really pleased with Ruperts runs, the wind and rain made it hard going!, Saturday arrived and so did the sun, we had a much better day gaining a sticky clear in one of the jumping and a lovely one in the other jumping affording us a 1st and a 2nd place (so a bit closer to grade 7).  Sunday was my birthday, I woke with a headache that remained all day, this is probably what hampered my performance as Rupert and I didn't have a good day at all, there were some great bits but we couldnt get it together at all.In the evening Jo and Rich invited me to dinner which was lovely and then we headed to bingo where we met up with Lucy - I think i heard the birthday song about 9 times in total and then a suprise cake! we had such a laugh so thank you Jo & Rich, it was lovely :-) Monday came and we were back on top, another great clear in the agility with just a little detour between the 2 tunnels resulting in another 2nd place, and then the rain returned on Tuesday I had 2 nice agility classes, making silly mistakes and then I stayed for the jumping, the rain really started to come down and I was regretting my decision to stay, but Rupert was brilliant again just taking a pole on a tight turn so I drove home extatic with him.  It was also really nice to hear some lovelty comments from people saying how good he is looking and like he is ready for grade 7! I just need to catch him up. Cant wait till Hinkley on Saturday - bring it on..

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